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Iyenger Hatha Yoga classes – Nadja

Hatha Yoga classes – Iyengar style

The yoga classes are determined by levels, designed to take you through a learning process encompassing the full scope of the postures and depth of the subject. Every class incorporates a progressive method of teaching designed to open and strengthen the body while drawing the mind inward focusing on self-observation and profound awareness of the body, mind and self.The pace is engaging and steady. Classes are taught in a well-thought-out sequence based on a family of poses to protect the body and engage the mind. Props such as blocks, walls, straps, blankets, and chairs are used to enhance a pose or to make a pose more accessible.


Beginner Class:

This is the ideal place to start if yoga is new to you or you want to improve your foundational skills. This class focuses on basic standing, seated, twisted, back bending and beginner inverted poses, alignment and sequencing.


Intermediate Class:

At this level, you will expand on foundational postures and refine and develop your yoga asana practice at more subtle levels. At this level you are strongly encouraged to practice regularly at home. 


Advanced Class:

These classes are for seasoned students with a regular practice who are comfortable with inversions and advanced poses. Deeper and subtler work in all categories of asana are involved, thus requiring a stable body and steady mind.  

Emphasis is given on becoming increasingly attentive to sensory experiences, including the cultivation of interoceptive, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, and spatial awareness, while primarily paying attention to movement and breath.


Facilitator Nadia Akcadurac

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