Transformational Yoga, Sound Healing and Breathwork – Lakshmi

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Transformational Yoga, Sound Healing and Breathwork

with Lakshmi

In this workshop we will open and activate the chakras tuning up the body with sound, allowing ourselves to explore and express our voices in freedom diving into a Sound bath.

Afterwards we will move through the practice of Transformational Yoga aligning the Body, Mind and Heart.
In each asana we will practice Pranayama, Brahmari and chanting a Mantra to open and activate the heart chakra.

In the afternoon we will practice some Breathwork, Alkaline breathing and fire breathing to manifest our intentions.

All are welcome to embody a wonderful experience 🙂

Saturday, 18th February
9.30am – 12.30pm
3pm – 4.30pm

@ Hall of Light,  Creativity

For registration please contact:

Lakshmi 84 89 76 46 02

Activity offered under Abhaya Assa trust

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