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Explore your mind – workshop with Sigrid

“I attended  this introductory workshop to Hypnotherapy “Explore your mind”. As a seasoned psychotherapist from Germany with 30 years of work experience, I was certain to have a good time in great company! However, the workshop was a big surprise: it was just eye opening, how the research in Mind- Emotion- Body was connected new, and definitely with a spiritual perspective to it all. One of the most memorable workshops I ever attended.  J. Müller, Hamburg , Germany

Natural horsemanship with Mirrabelle

My son, now 12 years, joined Mirrabelles classes in Natural Horsemanship 2 years back. First he was reluctant, like he is to any additional afternoon programs. He is rather chatty and lives in his mind, and doesnt want to be obliged to follow what I feel is good for him.

I saw the progress in self confidence, and opening up emotionally within 2 weeks. Since now nearly 2 years, his twice weekly Natural Horsemanship classes with “his pony” and Mirrabelle is his favorite activity, and he is always sure to be on time to go! He has changed a lot, is so much more aware emotionally, and developed a keen observation of the living beings around him. All with just 1 pony!   G. from Switzerland

Healing with Sami

I suffered for several months after a fall on my right hand. The pain in the bones near the wrist was still there, and I couldnt properly carry heavy bags etc. I was recommanded to seek a healing session with Sami. Sami gently held my hand, diagnosed very careful, sensed…. Then he did some gentle strokes, and he send healing energy, felt deeply in my hand. Now its 2 years since then, and my hand is fine ever since!     Sonja P., Münster, Germany

Accident Trauma Relief with Sigrid

I had pain in the coccyx area for 12 months, after a fall on slippery stones during the monsoon. I had tried so many therapies, but considerable pain persisted. Finally I took a  session in “Accident Trauma relief”  (integral regression therapy) with Sigrid. To my surprise I realised that the pain in the coccyx had a good side to it, it turned out to be a  kind of a reminder for a step forward in self awareness. Since then, the pain in the coccyx completely disappeared!  G., Auroville

Integral regression therapy with Sigrid

I am so full of gratitude: We went much further then expected – we hardly started this work in 1,5 years of psychotherapy. You did it all in ONE session, and I am healing, profoundly. THank You!  J., from Germany.



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