Michael Winkler

    Michael started practicising Chen Style Tai Chi in 2003, trained and practised in Qi Gong 2004, and certified in a 3 year training as a ZenShiatsu Practitioner in Berlin 2008, Germany.

    Michael also studied various traditional Daoist and Buddhist methods of Qigong. Michael is a 20th generation disciple of Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) under lineage-holder Master Chen Zhonghua”, his Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method”, emphazises technical clarity, usability and the proper application of the Daoist principle of yin and yang in every move.

    Michael certified as a level 2 instructor in “Chen Style TaijiChuan practical method”  2014, and then lived in China, managing the international TaijiSchool there.

    Living in Auroville since 2017

    Languages German, English, little Chinese