Egle Borchardt

    I am researcher in consciousness, primarily working with Yoga Nidra and Integral Yoga.

    I was born in Lithuana, part of Russia at that time, where any forms of spirituality were suppressed. When I was 15, luckily I got from my father a small book on Yoga and I started practicing the Hatha Yoga very early, and studied Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. . Being atheistic, nonetheless I believed that human beings don’t use their full potential and yoga can help to develop it. I was always searching for the sense of life, but found none. During the studies of philosophy in Berlin I discovered books of Sri Aurobindo. It was the first time in my life that I came upon something, which gave the meaning to this life.

    Besides the studies of philosophy, I have got certificate in spiritual and energy medicine, participated in hypnotherapy courses, and for the last years have been studying educational sciences.

    As soon as I started reading about the Integral Yoga, I became conscious of the dreams and experienced the so called “Out-of-Body state”, which is nothing else but shifting our awareness to the subtle-physical body. Thus, my research has begun; trying to understand why is this happening, what are the benefits, how to master these experiences, and what is the connection to the Integral Yoga. After trying various methods, Yoga Nidra became my main praxis for meditation, night- and the energy-work.

    Yoga Nidra brings the most interesting experiences and is a beneficial practice in so many ways. 1/3 of our life, which we spend in sleep, can become conscious and can be used for progress and training.

    I enjoy sharing the results of my research and the practical methods in one to one sessions or 1-day intensives for small groups.