Speaking from the heart – NVC with Vega

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Speaking from the heart

Speaking from the heart

– based on Nonviolent communication

In this introductory workshop, we will understand our communication patterns with more awareness, and explore ways to connect truly from the heart and share with more clarity and choice.

for who wants to connect to oneself better

for who wants to know what one feels and wants more clearly

for who doesn’t know how to express oneself and wants to know the tools for it.

for who wants to deepen the connection with the beloved and others.

Facilitator :

Vega is a practitioner and a facilitator of Nonviolent communication and dance & movement, and sufi practices.

Her passion is sharing love and growing in love together through different methods and practices like compassionate communication, dance, movement, Awareness through the body, sufi methods.

Venue : Pitanga center, Auroville.

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