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April 7, 1917

A DEEP concentration seized on me, and I perceived that I was identifying myself with a single cherry-blossom, then through it with all cherry-blossoms, and, as I descended deeper in the consciousness, following a stream of bluish force, I became suddenly the cherrytree itself, stretching towards the sky like so many arms its innumerable branches laden with their sacrifice of flowers. Then I heard distinctly this sentence:

“Thus hast thou made thyself one with the soul of the cherry-trees and so thou canst take note that it is the Divine who makes the offering of this flower-prayer to heaven.”

When I had written it, all was effaced; but now the blood of the cherrytree flows in my veins and with it flows an incomparable peace and force. What difference is there between the human body and the body of a tree? In truth, there is none: the consciousness which animates them is identically the same.

Then the cherrytree whispered in my ear:

“It is in the cherry-blossom that lies the remedy for the disorders of the spring.”

The Mother

Intro Session  24 March 10-1pm in AV

In honour of Hahnemann we offer a 3 day workshop 8th – 10th April :

We offer to explore the essence of a plant:  “trituration proving” ,

visit Auroville Botanical Garden & Pitchandikulam Forest

with Sigrid Lindemann

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