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Pranic Activation Process – 9 day Breatharian Initiation – with Nicolas Pilartz and Raffaella Galoppi

5 to 13’th of February 2022 – live & online event in Auroville

The 9-day process is like a journey through an unknown land, where one can discover oneself and the wonders that are hidden within. It is an opportunity to experience the power of prana, the life force, and reconnect with our natural state of being.

During the process, our energy begins to circulate more freely throughout our system, and the body has a chance to get used to a new form of nourishment.

Benefits: Re-connection with your True Self, mental clarity, increased sensual perception, liberation from old patterns.

Contact for information, registration & inquiries: Ph/WA: +91- 94880 47368




Nicolas Pilartz is a founder of the pranic centre „Eden” in Italy and the organiser of yearly „World Pranic Festival“. He was introduced to Pranic Nourishment in 2012, and attended his first Process with Henri Monfort, a practitioner of Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.

Now he is leading a breatharian lifestyle, being nourished by the universal energy (prana) and has been eating since a decade one time per month only.

For Nicolas to be a breatharian means to be like a “human-tree”, purifying the atmosphere at various levels, to be in state of perfect trust, faith, surrender and at Service.

The summer retreat here in Auroville was fantastic!

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