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an intentional community of 3000 people from 59 countries Auroville https://www.auroville.org/ 

YEP  Program for children 5- 12 years to explore Auroville  https://www.auroville.org/contents/3856

Auroville Campus a life-in lab for transformational learning https://edu.auroville.org/

Svaram – a place of sound experience http://www.svaram.org/


Organisations in India

EKAA  http://ekaa.co.in/   and

Ekaa  Tasso http://www.tasso.ekaa.co.in/  with Yuvraj Kapadia

Academy for advanced homeopathy https://www.theothersong.com


International Organisations

WISH – World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy https://www.wish4healing.net/

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