Natural horsemanship training – 8 horses & Mirrabelle

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Natural Horsemanship – 8 horses & Mirrabelle

The aim of natural horsemanship is in developing an intimate language between horse and human, nurturing self confidence and nonverbal communication skills. The 5 ponies and 3 horses are gentle, curious and well trained “natural horses” . They are cared for with a lot of love and professionalism. Meet them at Horse2Human on Insta 

Mirrabelle offers an alround training in Natural Horsemanship:  training in Natural horsemanship – on the round pen and the theory –  horse psychology , as well as general horse care, hoof care, riding in different approaches etc.

Mirrabelle is living and learning with horses since the age of 3 years, with make it 24 years now.

Mirrabelle studied horse psychology, and all aspects of horse care, nutrition, and basic veterinary science online. She is trained in holistic horse care, including hoof trimming for “barefoot horses”, by experts with international experience past 6 years. Furthermore her late father had a stud farm for many years, and taught her a great deal til 2021. Sharnga has always been a place for horses past 40 years, and attracts horse people from all over the world.

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Venue Sharnga Guesthouse

Therapist Mirrabelle Borg Lindemann 9626565134 (mobile & Whatsapp)

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