Integral regression therapy training – Sigrid

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Training  in 6 Webinars – theory and self work, 3 modules a 3 days practicals in Auroville

  1. Intro, Induction, Trauma release techniques, Grounding
  2. Inner Child Work
  3. Past Life Regression therapy
  4. Journeys beyond life times

Integral regression therapy  integrates Inner Child work, past live regression, trauma therapy, NLP and spiritual wisdom of many traditions. The content of this workshop is  aligned with Sri Aurobindo`s Integral Yoga and The Mothers work with subtle bodies.

The training is to planned to start in June 2021, if interested please get in touch.

Participants: a base in hypnotherapy, NLP or psychotherapy is desirable.

An interview with each participant is conducted before registration.

Minimum 5 participants, discounts for 2 or 3 registering together.

Info – session 5 Nov 10.30 -12 am

Trainer  Sigrid Lindemann, integral regressiontherapy, lives in Auroville for over 20 years, integral regression therapist & classical homeopath

Venue Auroville, Sharnga Guesthouse

Whatsapp 9626006961  

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