Feldenkrais Class with Aurovici

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Feldenkrais movement class with Aurovici

The Feldenkrais method, Awareness Through Movement, gives us the tools to use more of ourselves by noticing small differences as we move in non-habitual, more fully functional ways.

Through conscious, gentle, non-habitual movement sequences, we can explore our self-image and improve our daily functions. We can become aware of the choices we make and learn how our brains`s perceptions of our body`s state affects us. We lean to spread the workload of any action by using the whole body, all of yourself, and experience the sense of well-being that body awareness brings.

Tuesdays 9- 10.15 in English

Tuesdays 10.130 – 11.45 in French

Instructor: Aurovici

Venue Pitanga Hall, Auroville

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