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Breathwork facilitator training

We are planning to offer breathwork facilitator training from Dec 2022 onwards.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an intense and often cathartic experience brought upon continued breathing for 2 to 3hrs, often with a slightly stronger breath then usual. The breathwork facilitators are skilled in creating a space in which the natural healing capacity of the inner healer is activated, in a nondirective way.

Every breathwork healing session is done in pairs – one breather and one sitter.  The breather is lying, and instructed to breath a little faster and deeper then normal. This is supported by music which is specially curated for this inner journey,  which lasts a minimum of two hours.This is followed by meditative artistic expression. The sitter is attending to the breather in every way required.  Every session has 3 phases: preparation, session, and integration.

The breathwork facilitator will go in the theory of breathwork, the cathartic release, the healing and transformation, the preparation and the accompagnyment of the breathers and sitters, the curation of the music. The personal inner work of the future breathwork facilitator is a nonnegotiable requirement.

Trainer: Fr Thomas Kurianthanam, trained in the US , and representing Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) in India and Sri Lanka. Thomas Kurianthanam has  been offering holotropic breathwork retreats and workshops since 2016,  mostly in India, but also in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya and US. About 1500 people have participated in his workshops and retreats.

At present we collect names of those interested in attending the breathwork facilitator training, and will forward the detailed program to them.

If interested, contact  Sigrid,  whatsapp 9626006961


Benefits of breathwork :

Stress is released, painful emotions are healed, physical discomforts and pains are reduced, and deep states of meditation are experienced. Many “breathers” connect deeply within and have spiritual or transpersonal experiences. This   depth of contact that is not always possible in traditional forms of therapeutic and healing work.

Holotropic Breathwork – Grofs transformational practice, has enabled me to open up new levels of my consciousness,

S. P., Germany

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