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1 day workshops on request

1 day on request

1 day Workshops for children and adults are so much fun!  Say with your body what you say in your words. Children and youngsters pick up the animal communication finessing quickly and without scepticism. All they need is a step by step guide and a supportive adult voice that encourages and believes in their telepathic communication experiences. Of course, adults can be up to it as well.

Children intrinsically understand their interconnectedness with all other creatures; they feel it in their daily lives. For adults it’s the journey back to feeling this oneness and trusting themselves and their perception.

1 Day workshops on request, timings 9-11am and 3-5 pm

Venue: Sharnga Guesthouse

Info and registration   Mirrabelle,
9626565134 (Whatsapp & Mobile)

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