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Body centered therapies & energy work

A soft chiropractic method that includes also energy work in the aura-field.
It can deal with all kinds of pains, especially back pains.

Quantum-Shiatsu (Empty Touch)
Can address all kinds of conditions – chronic and acute. It is acupressure based on Chinese medicine and further developed out of the Masunaga Shiatsu style from Pauline Sasaki (US) and Helmut Bräuer (Germany), completing the sessions with energy work in the aura.


I suffered for several months after a fall on my right hand. The pain in the bones near the wrist was still there, and I couldnt properly carry heavy bags etc. I was recommanded to seek a healing session with Sami. Sami gently held my hand, diagnosed very carefully sensed…. Then he did some gentle strokes, and send healing energy, I felt it acting deeply in my hand. Now its 2 years since then, and my hand is fine ever since!     Sonja P., Münster

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