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Aquatic Body Work      Watsu & Liquid Flow

Sessions are approx 1 hrs of   floating effortlessly in warm water, being gently held and guided by a highly experienced and well trained therapist.

Diving into a space of deep connection and inner freedom…

  • offers profound relaxation and a unique sense of weightlessness
  • releases stress, tension and fatigue
  • reduces physical pain, especially neck and back pain 
  • increases flexibility and range of motion 
  • regulates breathing and sleep patterns 
  • resolves traumas associated with water, birth, and near-drowning  experiences 
  • builds calmness, focus, and trust in oneself and with others

Aquatic bodywork, a holistic warm water treatment, is a quickly growing deep relaxation and healing modality recommended by physiotherapists, massage therapists and health practitioners around the world.

Therapists Dariya Kuznik und Daniel Bongard, as senior therapists, and several therapists well trained by them here in Auroville

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