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All our workshops

Working with Horses for personal development   with Mirrabelle Borg

Natural horsemanship, Horse Assisted Therapy, Horsemanship for Leadership, All about Horse Care, Body Language Communication

Traditional Eastern Healing Modalities with Andres, Sami

Shiatsu, QiGong, TaijiJuan

Yoga with Nadia, Lakshmi

Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga therapy, Transformational Yoga

Regressiontherapy  with Sigrid

Integral Regressiontherapy, Hypnotherapy Level 1 , Webinar “Exploring Past Lives”, Webinar “The incarnating Soul”, Webinar “Healing Inner Children”, Journey to the Soul

Family Constellation with Moghan Mehlem

Transforming Trauma with Sigrid

Aquatic Body Work  with Dariya and Daniel 

Watsu, Liquid Flow, Oceanic Bodywork



Exploring Pastlives

The incarnating Soul

Integral Regressiontherapy training

Natural Horsemanship

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